Lab 6


Mechanical engineers look at past, present and innovative technologies that can improve our everyday life.


Wouldn’t you like to live in a life where losing a limb isn’t a big deal? Well this life is in the near future. The advancements in prosthetic limbs will make amputee’s feel as if nothing in their life’s have changed.



Car accidents! No matter what we do to prevent them they happen all the time. I remember my first glance at one like if it was yesterday. It was the summer of 2005, the sun was shinning down on the hood of my fathers truck. We were playing one of the best neighborhood games of soccer. The game was up to 10 and it was tied 9-9, normally we would play that you need to win by two goals, but today was a different day and we said next goal wins! The intensity was high and the sweat running down our faces couldn’t get any worst. Eric Laplante was a great player, the best in the neighborhood, he ran up the side of the street and i passed him the ball. it was a perfect one timer, Eric blasted the ball as if it was a for sure goal! “Close but no cigar” said an old man watching us from his porch. The ball flew up in the air behind the net and onto the one way street. Eric ran to get the ball as fast as he can only thinking about getting it back as fast as possible to win the game. When it came out of no where. A red honda civic. It swept Eric’s legs from underneath him and he flipped over the car landing very awkwardly on his right leg. The man in the civic took off and didn’t think twice of helping.


When we think prosthetic’s many people think of Terry fox’s wooden leg, or some people don’t have any images that come to mind. There are more modern ones for runners that look like you have a big paper clip for a leg. Which Olympic judges consider an “advantage” since they are so lightweight. They are trying to make them look more like science experiment then a human. How ever there are some company’s out there that are trying to make them look “normal”, make them seem as if they were from a sci-fi movie. Kind of like if you took a robot, from the movie Irobot, unscrewed a leg and put it on yourself.It would make loosing a limb a new fashion, they would have a catwalk for prosthetic limbs, there would be different colors, different accessories and different style of course. People will be talking about them as they do now about whats hot and whats not.


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