Lab #8

Part 1:

Neuro prosthetics are important in living a life without changing any habbits or routines.

How does it work?

What is so different?

What are the benefits?

Who can it help?

Why should we care?

How will it help?

Does it really need to be made?

Part 2-3:


2)The day it happened.

3)A man with a robotic arm.

4)The day I help him run again.

Part 4:

1: Eric loosing his leg when we were kids.

2: I can easily relate it to the broader idea, because i could talk about his struggles growing up compared to the other kids. As well as the struggles he still goes through everyday.

3: a) How does it work? I will go into detail of how it works exactly, how ever i will avoid any great detail because i want this article to be read by everyone and not only a specific group.

b) I will make the components as relate able as possible giving them description using imagery, this way the reader will be able to paint a picture with out ever seeing it.

c) N.A.

d) The how it works part of my research.

e) N.A.

4: a)


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