Lab #9

Part 1:

Everyday of summer vacation was another day for Eric to go out and experience the wilderness of the world. There he was a young ten year old boy playing soccer with his neighborhood friends. However something happened that day that changed his life forever. He missed a wide open net! All of the young kids started laughing and making fun of him, so Eric ran to get the ball that way he wouldn’t be able to hear them. He was running with tears of embarrassment in his eyes and idea’s of revenge on his mind, that he completely forgot to look both ways while he was running to get the ball. Suddenly that’s when it all happened. The only thing you heard from a 3 block radius was the sound of tires skidding, as the civic tried to stop in time, but it was too late. Bam! Eric was hit by a car. No one knew how to react not even the driver of the car. In fact all he did was call the ambulance and drive off. By the time Eric got to the hospital the surgeon sat with his parents and told him that it would be nearly impossible to fix the leg, and that we would need to be amputated. Ever since that day, Eric has been taking life one limp at a time.

Part 2:

Story of losing a limb,

Story of life with a neuro prosthetic,

Story of the discovery of neuro prosthetics,

Story of life without a limb.

Part 3:


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