1) 10 Possible Titles:

Are Neuro-Prosthetics The Answer To a Better Life?

Prosthetic Life.

Neuro-Prosthetics. The Future Of The Way We Walk.

Neuro-Prosthetics makes you faster.

Walking With Neuro-Prosthetic Leg is as Easy as Taking Candy From a Baby.

The New Way To Walk.

A Life Changing Discovery.

How To Live A Normal Life.

Neuro-Prosthetics. Making Walking Look Easy.

Mo’ Neuro, Mo’ Solutions


The work of a mechanical engineer is to innovate the world and making it easier to live. Many people become engineers because “they make good money” but there are many engineers that just want to help humanity. This doesn’t mean that any human should be left out. There have been many recent projects that have started to create neuro-prosthetic limbs, which will target amputees and people that are paralyzed. The importance is quite obvious and motive is quite clear, they want to make a device that will make you feel like nothing ever happened. As if that accident that made you lose a limb never happened. To live your life as you’ve always known to live it without any discomfort, or change in your lifestyle. These are the main reasons for the development of neuro-prosthetics.

I won’t go into so much detail about how neuro-prosthetics work, because to understand the technology without an engineering degree would be like giving and 8 year old kid a calculus problem. The way they work is actually quite simple. The prosthetic will be electrically powered and attached to small “microchips” that are planted on the brain. The microchips are directly wired to the prosthetic under the skin, this will make the wires look like veins, so to the brain there is no confusion.”The basic idea is that the electrodes would pick up signals from neurons”(Jay p2) sending impulse to the brain as our nervous system does already. Isn’t that what we would all like, for it to look, act and feel natural?


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