Massimo Giambattista is not your everyday typical kid on the block. From when he was a young boy Massimo was how they would say “creative”. Basically he’s a guy with a big imagination. How ever Massimo is a shy guy and so the world doesn’t really hear of his ideas, but one day they will. He is currently studying mechanical engineering and is planning to make something revolutionary to the way people transport themselves around town. With great knowledge and an even greater imagination who knows what the outcome can be. I mean we do live in a world of endless possibilities don’t we.

Since Massimo was a kid he would prefer to have 4 or 5 best friends then to be friends with the whole student body. He knew many people and was always friendly to others even if he didn’t know them. However for him to be able to open up and talk about his own interests, you had to be close to him. “He’s a good kid” the teachers would always say, “always smiling” Most people would say. This all makes sense because Massimo is just an all around happy guy. His view of life is different then others around him. He lives with the idea that we shouldn’t let things bother us because to live a life in negativity is a waste of a life, and we only get one chance at life.

When people saw Massimo around town or school, they would always see this athletic kid. however when he grew older and hit puberty it became “this gym rat” or the typical jock. However he was far from it. Yes he played sports and wasn’t a “weak” guy. But academics meant more to him then anything else he did. When he graduated and they called his name followed by ” Honors science and Honor roll” people came to him and said “you’re smart??” This didn’t come to a shock to him because not to many people took the time to get to know me, they just judged me from a distance. I guess he would have to walk around with a paper on his back written “Smart” for people to know since they never approached him and asked “hey what do you study?” In the end Massimo didn’t really mind it because his close friends all know the way he is and thats all that matters to him.


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