1) 10 Possible Titles:

Are Neuro-Prosthetics The Answer To a Better Life?

Prosthetic Life.

Neuro-Prosthetics. The Future Of The Way We Walk.

Neuro-Prosthetics makes you faster.

Walking With Neuro-Prosthetic Leg is as Easy as Taking Candy From a Baby.

The New Way To Walk.

A Life Changing Discovery.

How To Live A Normal Life.

Neuro-Prosthetics. Making Walking Look Easy.

Mo’ Neuro, Mo’ Solutions


The work of a mechanical engineer is to innovate the world and making it easier to live. Many people become engineers because “they make good money” but there are many engineers that just want to help humanity. This doesn’t mean that any human should be left out. There have been many recent projects that have started to create neuro-prosthetic limbs, which will target amputees and people that are paralyzed. The importance is quite obvious and motive is quite clear, they want to make a device that will make you feel like nothing ever happened. As if that accident that made you lose a limb never happened. To live your life as you’ve always known to live it without any discomfort, or change in your lifestyle. These are the main reasons for the development of neuro-prosthetics.

I won’t go into so much detail about how neuro-prosthetics work, because to understand the technology without an engineering degree would be like giving and 8 year old kid a calculus problem. The way they work is actually quite simple. The prosthetic will be electrically powered and attached to small “microchips” that are planted on the brain. The microchips are directly wired to the prosthetic under the skin, this will make the wires look like veins, so to the brain there is no confusion.”The basic idea is that the electrodes would pick up signals from neurons”(Jay p2) sending impulse to the brain as our nervous system does already. Isn’t that what we would all like, for it to look, act and feel natural?


Reading Response 10

Marrabyssa article:

Marrabyssa has done a good job at making her main point clear. She says in her draft that “I am simply a child that is subject to the perception of others, like all humans are.” Society has an impact on the way people feel and look at others. More broadly, she could be implying that intelligence is just a construct of society. Standardized tests may not be a good way to quantify intelligence and that there are different types of intelligence that cannot compare with each other since they are so different.

The parts that I enjoyed the most is when she backed up her thoughts with real life examples and comparisons and how we put people in labels, which really got me thinking. Also, I enjoy the way she ended her draft with “we have to stop perceiving others for who we think they are and start seeing them for who they are.” This ending wrapped up her general theme in one line and can keep the reader questioning what she was talking about in her draft. She says that “every story has a moral” and she ends up putting a moral to her story as well, which is quite funny.

The only thing I would think would need some work is her revision. Her ideas were well organized and structured. However, there were a couple spelling mistakes that could have been fixed if it was read through again. However, everything else was well done and it was a great draft.

Massimo Giambattista

Lab #10

The end:

The importance in the development of prosthetics is something that should not be over looked by investors. Many of them do not care, because they say “how will this benefit me?” This is the main purpose of my article to help people realize the importance or the advancement and how it will change the lives of many. Some people who have work accidents, which lead them to un-employment, sometimes aren’t even the ones who directly injured themselves. Wouldn’t you like these people to be able to continue working and act like “I lost my arm… no big deal” I sure would and this could all be possible if the development was further invested. Which is the primary speed bump in getting Eric and Gregory their lives back.

Lab #9

Part 1:

Everyday of summer vacation was another day for Eric to go out and experience the wilderness of the world. There he was a young ten year old boy playing soccer with his neighborhood friends. However something happened that day that changed his life forever. He missed a wide open net! All of the young kids started laughing and making fun of him, so Eric ran to get the ball that way he wouldn’t be able to hear them. He was running with tears of embarrassment in his eyes and idea’s of revenge on his mind, that he completely forgot to look both ways while he was running to get the ball. Suddenly that’s when it all happened. The only thing you heard from a 3 block radius was the sound of tires skidding, as the civic tried to stop in time, but it was too late. Bam! Eric was hit by a car. No one knew how to react not even the driver of the car. In fact all he did was call the ambulance and drive off. By the time Eric got to the hospital the surgeon sat with his parents and told him that it would be nearly impossible to fix the leg, and that we would need to be amputated. Ever since that day, Eric has been taking life one limp at a time.

Part 2:

Story of losing a limb,

Story of life with a neuro prosthetic,

Story of the discovery of neuro prosthetics,

Story of life without a limb.

Part 3:

Lab #8

Part 1:

Neuro prosthetics are important in living a life without changing any habbits or routines.

How does it work?

What is so different?

What are the benefits?

Who can it help?

Why should we care?

How will it help?

Does it really need to be made?

Part 2-3:


2)The day it happened.

3)A man with a robotic arm.

4)The day I help him run again.

Part 4:

1: Eric loosing his leg when we were kids.

2: I can easily relate it to the broader idea, because i could talk about his struggles growing up compared to the other kids. As well as the struggles he still goes through everyday.

3: a) How does it work? I will go into detail of how it works exactly, how ever i will avoid any great detail because i want this article to be read by everyone and not only a specific group.

b) I will make the components as relate able as possible giving them description using imagery, this way the reader will be able to paint a picture with out ever seeing it.

c) N.A.

d) The how it works part of my research.

e) N.A.

4: a)

Lab 6


Mechanical engineers look at past, present and innovative technologies that can improve our everyday life.


Wouldn’t you like to live in a life where losing a limb isn’t a big deal? Well this life is in the near future. The advancements in prosthetic limbs will make amputee’s feel as if nothing in their life’s have changed.



Car accidents! No matter what we do to prevent them they happen all the time. I remember my first glance at one like if it was yesterday. It was the summer of 2005, the sun was shinning down on the hood of my fathers truck. We were playing one of the best neighborhood games of soccer. The game was up to 10 and it was tied 9-9, normally we would play that you need to win by two goals, but today was a different day and we said next goal wins! The intensity was high and the sweat running down our faces couldn’t get any worst. Eric Laplante was a great player, the best in the neighborhood, he ran up the side of the street and i passed him the ball. it was a perfect one timer, Eric blasted the ball as if it was a for sure goal! “Close but no cigar” said an old man watching us from his porch. The ball flew up in the air behind the net and onto the one way street. Eric ran to get the ball as fast as he can only thinking about getting it back as fast as possible to win the game. When it came out of no where. A red honda civic. It swept Eric’s legs from underneath him and he flipped over the car landing very awkwardly on his right leg. The man in the civic took off and didn’t think twice of helping.


When we think prosthetic’s many people think of Terry fox’s wooden leg, or some people don’t have any images that come to mind. There are more modern ones for runners that look like you have a big paper clip for a leg. Which Olympic judges consider an “advantage” since they are so lightweight. They are trying to make them look more like science experiment then a human. How ever there are some company’s out there that are trying to make them look “normal”, make them seem as if they were from a sci-fi movie. Kind of like if you took a robot, from the movie Irobot, unscrewed a leg and put it on yourself.It would make loosing a limb a new fashion, they would have a catwalk for prosthetic limbs, there would be different colors, different accessories and different style of course. People will be talking about them as they do now about whats hot and whats not.

Lab 4

2) Logical argument:

“Drive down any thoroughfare in America, and I guarantee you’ll see one of our country’s more than 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants. Now, drive back up the block and try to find someplace to buy a grapefruit.”

3) Ethical Argument:

” Lunch and dinner, for me, was a daily choice between McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut. Then as now, these were the only available options for an American kid to get an affordable meal. By age 15, I had packed 212 pounds of torpid teenage tallow on my once lanky 5-foot-10 frame.”

4) Pathetic argument:

“My parents were split up, my dad off trying to rebuild his life, my mom working long hours to make the monthly bills. Lunch and dinner, for me, was a daily choice between McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut.”

5) Analogy:

“Kids taking on McDonald’s this week, suing the company for making them fat. Isn’t that like middle-aged men suing Porsche for making them get speeding tickets?”

Part 7:

I have a background in mechanical engineering, as well I am highly informed on prosthetic’s. I have read many articles and have watched a few video’s about these mechanical limbs. I will be hopefully interviewing a few experts in the field, which will enhance my knowledge about prosthetic’s.

Part 8:

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you lost an arm or a leg? Not being able to do the same things that you are so used to doing. Well what if there was a way to get your ability back?

Engineers are start to develop prosthetic limbs that will not only link to you’re nerves, as some do today, But they will be linked to you’re brain. Meaning if you want to open your prosthetic hand you finally will be able too. Making this advancement in the medical field will allow amputee’s to get there life back. Doesn’t everyone deserve to live the same life that you where born into.

Part 9:

Not being able open and close a prosthetic hand is like when you brake an arm. Theirs something there but it’s just a long bone that hangs from your shoulder.