The beginning of the End (lab#2)

The first day of exams where kids are nervous, stressed and they will do whatever it takes to distract themselves until the exam is in front of them. It had just snowed on the weekend that passed and so we where all playing king on the hill. Once the bell rang we naturally picked up our bags and got in line. How ever some kids didn’t think the battle was over. Then they where still tripping each other on the snow next to the line of students. At this point i was talking to some kids in my class since it was a math exam. When all of a sudden i felt two hands grab me and my leg being swept from behind. As I’m in the air about to fall to my doom i tried to turn around to land on my front instead of my back the way i wouldn’t hit my head. But it was too late i ended up falling on my side but my ankle bounced off of the concreted like a bouncy ball. Just like that i fracture my ankle. The game was now over.

I spent a total of 6 months recovering from the injury. The pain and the physio was the least of my worries. I was 15 at this point and when you are 15-16 that’s when scouts star to look at young talent for recruitment. I was the school’s best defense man and my coach had even made appointments with 2 scouts. How ever those where made before the incident, when they came to the meeting and i showed up in crutches they basically gave me the look. This “look” had emotions behind it, it said i feel so bad for you, you could have been something. No team was interested in a kid that was injured, even once i healed it’s easier to get re-injured. The question on the minds of coaches was is he really worth it? and since i was hurt and would also miss the summer season, the answer was no.

The next year i tried again but i wasn’t the same as i used to be my ankle wasn’t the same. The chance of me ever playing in the big leagues was all over. It ended the day of my math exam and that’s when i chose to be an engineer instead of an athlete.


Lab #1

personal experiences:

Hamstring injury, Bus not showing up on time

Current event:

Super bowl, Return of Anderson Silva

Broad idea’s:

Injuries in sports, Getting around montreal, Montreal development.

Interesting sites: (General info on sports injuries) (small article on psycology related to injuries) (better article with examples of different age level) (a top 20 of athletes that cameback from injuries) ( recap of a MMA fighter who made a comeback after breaking his leg a little over a year ago) (aging and sports) (powerful videos of ppl overcoming there injuries) ( recovery from spinal injury)