In my program we look at the past, present and future of machines and technology.

The ability to make the mind power the rest of our body is becoming a reality of the near future.

My best friend got into an accident which caused him to lose his leg.

I find that many people care about the advancement of medical engineering improvements around the world. The ability to make an amputee or even someone who is paralyzed able to walk again or for the first time is something that many people wouldn’t be against.

Prosthetic legs and exoskeletons are a product of mechanical engineering in the medical field. If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m in an engineering program where we look at how to make this all possible.

My article could be written for which is a website that talks about the advancements of technology.

I’m excited to learn more about my topic because I would love to work in this field once I am done my studies. The problem that they still have to this they is getting the signals from your brain to make the leg move without having to wear a huge head gear. Or for the advancement of exoskeletons it would be to make it light weight and mobile. I plan on one day being able to figure out the solutions to these “speed bumps” in the advancement of the technology. However it is one of those things that it’s easier said than done. If you saw the opening ceremony for the world cup you would have notice a paralyzed man attached to a machine which allowed him to kick a ball. However this machine is not light and needs to be attached to a power source or else it will not function. Battery packs have been tested but none that can last more than a few hours. There are other researches for a new type of lithium battery that will make it possible.

Who might I interview:

Liam Barnes

Carlo Berretta T.P., C.P.O. (c)Orthotist Prosthetist

Place I might visit:

J.E. Hanger.


One comment

  1. commanderjeffgandell · March 2, 2015

    Massimo, I don’t get a clear sense of what your topic is about, exactly. Please come and speak to me about this.



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